We work directly with individuals or companies who are looking for livable housing in the Greater Seattle area. Whether you are relocating from the West Coast, across the country, or over continents -- we are ready to help you settle in and feel like a local from the day you arrive. Or, are you a remote employee who frequently travels to Seattle? Instead of staying in an expensive hotel, we'll work with your company to find and set up an apartment that saves them thousands of dollars and is ten times more livable than your average corporate apartment. 

With deep roots in the local community, insider knowledge of neighborhoods and schools as well as strong ties to local pros, we offer a personalized service without the high price tag. 


Online Survey

Take a few minutes to give us a little insight into your timing and basic needs.


Phone or Email Consultation

Once we receive your online survey, we’ll reach out to hear more about your needs and lifestyle so that we can find you the best:

• Neighborhood

• Rental home, condominium, or townhouse

• School and activities for your child/children

• Real estate agent to find and purchase the right home

• Local pros including dentist, doctor, nanny, housekeeping, residential contractor, gardener, CPA, financial consultant, healthcare specialist, and more.


Unique, UP-TO-DATE Reports

If you have kids, access our exclusive, candid reports that provide information you need on public and private preschools, elementary, middle, and high schools. Test scores only tell part of the story, receive up-to-date, un-biased parent reviews of:

• Curriculum and programs

• Teachers and principals

• Parent involvement 

• Facilities and more 


Guided Online or In Person Tour
(Online, Half or Full Day)

Depending on your schedule, we can provide you with a customized online or in person tour of the city, specific neighborhoods, potential places to rent or buy, and schools. You’re busy so let us make the most of your time in Seattle.


Ongoing Support

If you are moving from another country, we can help you easily and quickly settle in with the following services:

• Assistance with bank account, credit card, social security, utilities, drivers license, cell phone, insurance

• Cross cultural training

• Cantonese, French, Japanese, Mandarin, and Spanish interpreters

• Immigration attorneys


Pricing starts at $1,500, depending on services.